Singles Vacation – Places To Consider For Solo Travellers

Are you thinking to travel without a companion? What are your goals as you travel by yourself? If you plan to travel alone, here are some recommended places where you can go on singles vacations.

Planning for a singles vacation?

Resorts for singles

If you’re a single man or woman and are ready to plan a solo, you can find great resorts offering unforgettable singles escape. For instance, Transat’s Solo Collection and Mistral Hotel in Greece each won a Solo Travel Award for the packages they provided this group of people.

Solo cruises

A single cruise vacation is ideal as many cruises these days have single cabins. They are mostly booked out quickly so you might need to book and plan beforehand if you want to see what a cruise can give you.

Scheduled tours for solo travellers

Another ideal option for solo travellers is self-guided tours or un-tour where the tour company will do all the planning for you. You can just be there on the tour time and enjoy the destination on your own schedule.

Slow travel tours

Book a relaxing vacation on a slow tour to one or two cities. Since this will not require you to move around too much, you have the opportunity to meet more people easier. If you are a physically active traveller, you can search for tours with biking and hiking.

Health retreats for solo travellers

You may want to take charge of your health and well-being by going to a solo wellness retreat. Get a good break from your busy schedule, you may go for a week yoga.

Learn something new

Solo travellers can learn something new. Why not test yourself and learn something new such as stand up paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, and more? Your vacation time can be a good learning experience for you. Learning new things while on travel help relaxes mentally and fun experience.